IRIS 2017 Ukraine

International Research Interdisciplinary School 2017

Zhovkva, May 8 -12, 2017


iris 2017 ukraine



Ljuba Bacharova, Slovakia, Eric Eisenstein, USA, Katarzyna Piotrowicz, Poland, Mykhaylo Sorokivskyy, Ukraine. Observer: Jacqueline Hengl, Austria

Training projects:

Group Evergreen: The effect of the Chamomila extract on the experimental bacterial   pneumonia. Kristina Baseviciene (Lithhania), Bacova Maria (Slovakia), Pavol Mikolka (Slovakia), Jaroslav Oryshchyn (Ukraine), Sofiya Vynnytska (Ukraine).

Group HAMAK: The impact of smart phone usage duration on cognitive function in middle age population. Andrius Ališauskas (Lithuania), Alice Kušnírová (Slovakia), Jana Andreeva (Ukraine), Viktoria Mykhaylova (Ukraine), Liuba Hasiuk (Ukraine).

Group C-BE: The effect of tryptophan rich diet vs. supplement on serotonin levels in patients with post ATB depression. Haroldas Razvadauskas (Lithuania), Agnesa Csanova (Slovakia), Uliana Dmyterko (Ukraine), Glib Royko (Ukraine), Khrystyna Kaminska (Ukraine).

Group The Eye of the Tiger: The impact of melatonin supplementation on the insulin sensitivity of pre-diabetic medical staff who are working night shifts. Ruta Zakareviciute (Lithuania), Victoria Lory (Slovakia), Jakob Solgaard Jensen (Denmark), Uliana Pidvalna (Ukraine), Anastasija Oryshchyn (Ukraine).

Feedback from participants:

How to do your own research study correctly? How to be confidence if all according the rules? What are the most common mistakes?

For a long time I was looking for an answer to these questions. Frankly speaking, I was aware of some tips and tricks but I felt I needed more to gain the confidence.  Every time when I was desperately struggling with doubts what and how to write to make no mistakes and meet the regulations, I wanted to get an expert who could guide me through the labyrinth of correctly doing research projects. Finally, I found it. 

I appreciate the possibility to be a little part of such a great scientific family. I want to say thank you for a very professional, informative and enjoyable conference. It was my first time attending and I am extremely happy with all I experienced. I was waiting for the end of the conference but a reason was no going home and having some rest, but to do a new project. It does serve as a stimulus for the start of a new project: good and qualitative. If you know rules - you can play a game. The same is here: learn how to do it and start! Every detail is important. You cannot change your direction: follow you idea from the title to the outcomes. Beside the mental storm we also had a great chance to plunge into culture of Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark, Austria, Poland and the USA.